How it started

It all began with a T design and a freezing cold swim.

We realised that a lot of young people volunteer. You just do it differently.

Some of the folks we worked with for this campaign didn’t even see their contribution as volunteering… even though they raised a truckload of cash (shoutout to Oli from Oli Clothing) and started a national mental health movement (we’re talking about you, Jian and Ryan from Cold Nips).

The way you volunteer is what matters because you have the power to change everything.

Welcome to… VWA Volunteer Society

As Oli says, “It’s not about being a saint.”

That’s the thing, you can have a good time volunteering, you can meet your kinda people. It’s okay (even mandatory) to get something out of it yourself. Your time is so valuable and having a volunteer experience needs to suit you.

People like me

You’re a vibe hunter with a big heart.

Finding what lights you up is key. And being able to do that thing with people you connect with; that’s the joy of it.

You’re hungry for opportunities to lose (or find) yourself in the moment and contribute to meaningful change.

So, what will it be? Social, expert, or upskill.

Your experience

This is how you can do it your way.

Shape your volunteering experience with social, upskill, or expert volunteering opportunities. Before you decide, take a closer look at each one.

Social Volunteering

Hunting for good vibes with mates.

Social Volunteering

If it’s fun hangs and awesome vibes that you’re after, grab your friends and check out social volunteering.
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Upskill Volunteering

I’m keen to level up.

Upskill Volunteering

Upskill volunteering trains you in valuable skills for either work or life. You lend a hand and level up at the same time.
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Expert Volunteering

Looking to flex my skills for change.

Expert Volunteering

For those with more honed skills, expert volunteering offers you a platform. A chance to flex your skills, be directional and give back in a meaningful way.
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What’s the point?

A limited edition VWA Society Oli shirt, that’s the point.

Okay, it’s definitely more than that.

We hear a lot of things like irreversible, systemic change, global crisis; but, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead said it first but we’re yet to find a way to say it any better.