Making adult friendships is hard, but shared experiences make it easier.

Do something meaningful and try social volunteering with us.

You and your friends have the power to make waves. In social volunteering every contribution counts!

Whether you organise a group of friends or join as an individual, when we come together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Social volunteering opportunities thrive on people power. Rubbish runs, soup patrols, gardening days, grabbing groceries, and elder engagement all benefit from the power of social volunteering.


Dips, sips, and vibes.

It’s weird to think that after two years of helping people find connection over early morning swims, the Cold Nips team didn’t think of what they were doing as volunteering.

They just saw a need and felt the urge to act on it. “We just got so much out of it ourselves”.

When it comes to finding your passion, there's no substitute for experience.

Volunteering can be the perfect avenue for trying new things and finding your purpose - one upskill volunteering opportunity at a time.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a selfless exercise, in fact, we think you deserve to get something out of it!

Our upskill opportunities are designed to level you up in some way, training you in a valuable skill either related to your work or life during your time as a volunteer. These organisations have top talent who care about their volunteers and want you to get as much out of the experience as possible.


That’s something that I love about volunteering. The way that you go in not knowing what to expect.

Today we were just picking up seagrass fruit from the beach, and the idea that that small act of us doing that as a group is then going to go on to beds of the ocean being revegetated is so epic.


Do you have some skills that need honing? Or maybe you just need a change of direction. Upskill volunteering opportunities can help you learn new skills or sharpen existing ones.

Tap into the expertise of non-profit staff and get a taste of new experiences through our different upskill volunteering opportunities. Give and learn at the same time, and discover your purpose.

When expert volunteers lend their skills to the greater good, amazing things happen.

Flex your skills, take the lead, and experience the vibes that come from giving back.

Sometimes it takes more than generosity to make a difference. There are many non-profit organisations that need the skills only people like you can provide.

Expert volunteering as a supplement to your regular work allows you to hone your craft, take on new challenges, build your professional reputation, lead and give back to your community in a meaningful way.